• December 17th, 2018
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Namcor assists needy learners


Windhoek Learners at Orotjitombo Primary School, some 30 kilometers west of Opuwo, recently received mattresses and beds worth over N$400 000 from a parastatal company. New Era last year reported on the difficulties some schools in the Kunene endure, due to the lack of proper facilities and proper nutrition, among others. A report by this newspaper in August last year prompted the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) to respond by going to assess the situation on the ground, which then led to the donation of the beds and mattresses that will benefit some 150 learners at the school. When New Era visited the school last year, most learners slept on the floor, with a privileged few having blankets and mattresses to keep the cold at bay. The majority, however, did not even have blankets and had to endure cold nights. The majority of learners there are from poor backgrounds, where even blankets are a luxury. Namcor’s corporate social responsibility policy covers three core areas, namely education, environment and community upliftment, the company’s spokesperson, Utaara Hoveka, explained. “We receive requests for donations and we also proactively look out for needs in the community that are worth sponsoring. In this particular instance we were proactive, as the donation has its roots in the New Era article,” said Hoveka. Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Sanet Steenkamp, who was at the school at the time of the donation by the Namcor delegation - which included managing director Immanuel Mulunga - applauded the organisation for the gesture. She said the ministry is proud to be associated with partners, such as Namcor. “We are humbled by the generosity of Namcor. Your exemplary dedication towards the education of learners in Kunene Region is indeed applauded,” Steenkamp said. “The principal of Orotjitombo Primary School, as well as the teachers are especially recognised and serve as a great example to other schools in their quest to raise funds and involve the community and business fraternity to improve the quality of education of our children,” Steenkamp further said.
New Era Reporter
2016-10-20 09:15:04 2 years ago

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