• September 19th, 2018
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Selfless councillor assists San to get IDs

Omuthiya Having realised the hardships endured by residents of Okankolo Constituency who walk long distances to access basic health facilities and acquire national documents, the constituency councillor Hans Nambodi has decided to use his own financial resources to assist the struggling community. Nambodi transports community members at his own cost to town where they access the basic health and other essentail services. The majority are from the San community who in the past have struggled to benefit from government’s social grants because they do not have the requisite national documents. It was for this reason the councillor generously decided to transport destitute community members to Omuthiya for free, as they struggle with transport fare which they simply cannot afford. Nambodi said he has since the beginning of the year spent at least N$30 000 of his own money to buy fuel to transport members of the San community to town. He has also assisted over 70 community members from 35 villages in the constituency to acquire national documents, according to him. “I saw the need to help these people considering that my constituency is listed as being the poorest in the region, with a 63 percent poverty rate. I take them for free twice a week to access some of these essential services, which in past years they have been deprived of due to their social status. Never have I asked for a cent from them,” he said. “It is just from my heart. I hope by mid next year I would have assisted almost everyone who is in need,” stressed Nambodi while speaking from his car as he was about to depart to drop off at home some elderly San with their children whom he had taken to the home affairs office in Omuthiya on Wednesday. “I get up and start around 02h00 at different villages where I have to pick them up and sometimes due to bad roads I arrive even at 05h00 and drive back immediately. If I don’t wake up early it means I will not make it on time to reach town, which will mean us coming back the next day because not all of them will be assisted,” said Nambodi. Okankolo Constituency is one of the rural areas with poor road infrastructure and a lack of telecommunication networks. It is inhabited by approximately 20 000 people. Nambodi is hopeful that by next year most of those who are affected would be receiving their pension and social grants. “They are my people, I will continue doing so, I will assist in whatever case I can,” he promised.
2016-10-21 12:36:41 1 years ago
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