• November 16th, 2018
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Omuthiya endorses performance agreements

Omuthiya - Omuthiya Town Council last week vowed to work tirelessly to achieve its goal of becoming an emerging prosperous town in the northern regions through the implementation of a Performance Agreements System (PMS) that compels its employees to perform better. The PMS is designed so that it enables the council to review its strategies at least four times in a year, thus giving room for periodical updates to the community on the council’s progress in executing developmental projects, including the challenges faced when not attaining some of the goals. The PMS system was introduced last year, but previously only the chief executive officer and two managers signed the agreement, while this year it was rolled out down to the C band level. Those in the A and B band will be integrated during the 2017/18 financial year. “We expect everyone to take ownership of their scorecards and to use it daily. Those scorecards should not gather dust. Therefore, quarterly reports on the progress and implementation of your action plans are expected, as this is the only way we render the much-needed services and become a prosperous valley town,” said Omuthiya Mayor Toivo Nghilalulwa before the signing the PMS. Furthermore, he said the reason for implementing the PMS was to lay a solid foundation for every employee to freely contribute to the attainment of the strategic objectives, because they have a mandate to fulfil. The PMS was facilitated by Palow Management and Training. Speaking at the occasion, its managing director, Packy Palarae, urged the council to fulfill their tasks uncompromisingly, while reviewing their strategic plans and ensuring continuous updates on the activities of the municipality.
New Era Reporter
2016-10-26 11:43:53 2 years ago

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