• December 12th, 2018
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Foreign preacher could face additional charges

National, Front Page News
National, Front Page News

Ondangwa The cross-examination of Pedro Marcelino Mousongela in Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday raised the possibility that he could face additional charges to those already filed against him. Mousongela was before court for a formal bail application on three counts of alleged rape, abortion, and human trafficking. He was arrested on June 23. State Prosecutor Dollien Gowases during cross-examinination revealed that Mousongela is alleged to have been operating a school with forged registration documents, employed foreign nationals without work permits and fraudulently obtained money from government for salaries of an employee whom he claims has not been getting any salary. He claimed his wife, Ndamononghenda Penehafo Marcelino, had not been receiving a salary, but the court has it on record that she received a salary between January and June this year. Mousongela’s school has also been receiving a 10 percent subsidy from government for orphans and vulnerable children, as well as the funding of teachers’ salaries for at least the past five years. Apart from the alleged forged school registration from the Ministry of Education, the State alleged that there was no documentation that indicates Mennomite Private School was registered with the Ministry of Trade. In addition, the State argued that Mousongela has a learner on the orphan list by the name Emilia Abraham, of whom there are no records at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration. His claims of having attained a PhD in education were also dismissed by the State. According Gowases, Mousongela admitted in a different case at the Katutura Magistrate’s Court in Windhoek that he was still conducting research. “That is what people are saying. I will prove it to court,” responded Mousongela, saying: “I employ foreigners, because of a lack of national qualified teachers in the country”. Furthermore, Gowases argued that Mousongela claims to have 64 staff members registered with the Social Security Commission (SSC). However, the State found only 21 teachers of his school registered with the SSC. Moussongela also claims to be a wealthy man with a mansion worth N$1,2 million, four plots, five cars and two farms, but the State questioned how Mousongela acquired his wealth, given that he immigrated to Namibia empty-handed with only his clothes in a plastic bag. Moussongela claimed to originally be from the oil-rich enclave of Cabinda in Angola, although he had initially also said he is from Congo-Brazzaville. The State further argued that he has no documentation of ownership for any of the properties he claims to own. Mousongela also agreed under cross-examination that he took some minors out of the country without their parents’ consent. He further admitted to applying for passports for the minors and putting them on a plane without their parents’ consent. His bail hearing was remanded to December 12 for continuation. Magistrate Jurina Hochobes presided, while Tuwilika Shailemo of Inonge Mainga Attorneys represented the accused.
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