• November 16th, 2018
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Schools in Oshikoto without water for weeks


Ongwediva About 20 schools in the Onkumbula Education Circuit of Oshikoto Region have been without water for three consecutive weeks. The situation has negatively affected learners, especially those who are camping at schools and currently writing their Grade 10 examinations. It is reported that the taps ran dry three weeks ago, thus affecting about 20 schools and many villages in Eengodi Constituency of Oshikoto. Onamishu Combined School principal Hosian Hitanwa says the water shortage is serious and has forced him to fetch water for his teachers from Ondangwa every morning to see to it they do not get dehydrated, because the area in which the school is located is experiencing very dry and hot weather. “This situation has affected our teaching and learning. Learners are forced to skip some session, because they’re hungry,” said Hitanwa. The concerned principal further alluded that the learners are not concentrating well, especially those that are writing exams. “This of course will affect our performance at school, because the learners that are writing examinations are camping at school and there is no water to cook their meals in order to gain energy for them to concentrate on their studies,” said the fretful Hitanwa. This situation has compelled learners camping at schools to fetch water from wells three to four times a day and this is interfering with their studies. At Elambo village, villagers are sharing the bit of available water with animals, but the water is not fit for human consumption they say. Some people are reportedly suffering from diarrhoea after drinking water from the nearby wells. Some villagers use donkeys to carry their containers. Since the water crisis intensified in recent weeks Onamishu Combined School has been experiencing high rates of absenteeism. The learners are calling on the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to ferry water to their schools to address the worrying situation. The situation has also interrupted teaching and learning, as many learners are complaining of stomach ache, because water from the wells is meant for animals only. Hitanwa says the school has reported the matter to the Directorate of Rural Water Supply and Namwater, who are apparently shifting the blame between them. Contacted for comments the cellphone of regional head of Oshikoto water supply, Steven Tuukondjele, went unanswered.
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2016-10-27 09:59:05 2 years ago

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