• September 23rd, 2018
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Bergh’s Flowers on exhibition


Windhoek Sonia Bergh’s Flowers Exhibition opens at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC)’s Restaurant La Bonne Table next Tuesday. She artistically captures and gives a variety of blossoming personalities through her paintings. Flowers have captivated us with their unique beauty and attractive scents, and the association of certain flowers with different meanings is an age-old art form that Bergh portrays in her tasteful work. Bergh aims to bring a bit of colour and joy to the lives of others and to motivate people not to ever give up, even in the face of impossible challenges. “It is widely known that different flowers instinctively fit our moods and occasions, faith and determination are very important,” says she. Sonia started exploring photography in 1998. After undergoing brain surgery that resulted in several challenges, including double vision, she started art classes as part of her healing process. She specialises in oil and acrylic paint, multi-media art and decoupage. Her children call her “charity artist” because she donates most of her artwork or a portion of the income from it to charity. The exhibition will run until November 24.
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