• December 17th, 2018
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Culture of vacation rare among Namibians


Windhoek Many Namibians tend to return to their villages of origin, instead of touring and exploring other places in the country, a new report on tourism in Namibia says. According to the National Sustainable Tourism Growth and Development Strategy 2016-2026, there is no culture of taking vacations among Namibians to the extent that many do not take leisure holidays at all. “In their vacation time they go ‘up north’ to their villages. There is a need to raise awareness of the preferences of international visitors, since the culture does not exist locally,” the report shows. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has acknowledged that there are two key challenges related to national awareness, although tourism is identified at national level as a priority sector in terms of job creation. The report notes, firstly, that young Namibians are not interested in working in the tourism sector. It also emerged from the Namibia Tourism Human Resources Strategy that there was a poor image of the tourism industry among school leavers. Further, the report suggests the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, together with Team Destination Namibia, must work together to increase awareness of tourism in Namibia. This, the report indicates, will result in a wider appreciation of the contribution the tourism sector makes to the economy and job creation with the associated welcoming attitude to tourists will encourage young people to enter the industry within the industry. “It will also provide communities with a better understanding of the way that the tourism industry operates and the requirements for a successfully business,” it indicates.
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2016-11-01 10:15:32 2 years ago

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