• December 17th, 2018
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No settlement office at Sesfontein


Windhoek Councillor of Sesfontein Constituency Julius Kaujova says development at the settlement is hampered by the lack of a settlement office. Kaujova said the whole administration of Sesfontein Settlement happens from the constituency office and this has inhibited the smooth running of daily operations. Over N$8 million is needed to construct a settlement office, he said. However, the project cannot immediately go ahead as initially planned, due to the recent directive from Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein to freeze the awarding of new tender contracts, feasibility studies and surveys. “This has crippled the administration of the settlement, as it is as an inconvenience,” said Kaujova, who is also the chairperson of the management committee of Kunene Regional Council. Likewise, the construction of the second phase of Kunene Regional Council’s offices has been affected by the directive, said Kaujova. The second phase of the construction of the Kunene Regional Council offices would include the office of the governor. The construction was budgeted to cost N$ 12 million, he added. “The governor and her staff currently operate from small rented offices,” said Kaujova. This has also affected the smooth functioning of the office of the governor, added Kaujova, saying the governor and her staff do not operate from the same office as the rest of Kunene Regional Council staff. “The space is very small,” Kaujova stressed. Two construction projects (the construction of the Sesfontein Settlement Constituency Office and the second phase of the Kunene Regional Council, which includes the office of Governor Angelica Muharukua and her staff) were earmarked to start this year. Kaujova said Kunene regional Council recently wrote a letter to the Minister of Urban and Rural development for an exemption to the freezing of all major contracts and for the two projects to go ahead, as planned. “We’re waiting for a response, but we were told that it’s a Cabinet directive,” said Kaujova.
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2016-11-01 10:01:41 2 years ago

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