• December 9th, 2018
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Outapi prison escapees still on the run

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Ongwediva The police in Omusati Region are requesting the assistance of the public in tracing suspected hardcore criminal Shadipeni Immanuel Nghilifa, who escaped from Outapi holding cells on October 3. The 21-year-old Nghilifa, who is charged with housebreaking and theft of a motor vehicle, had escaped from custody together with three other trial-awaiting inmates, but the other three have since been re-arrested. Andreas Panduleni Thomas, 24, charged with housebreaking and robbery, and 18-year-old Joseph Shikalepo, also charged with housebreaking, were re-arrested the same day they escaped. The two appeared in Outapi Magistrate’s Court and were each sentenced to 18 months in prison with no option of a fine. The third suspect, 23-year-old Pandeinge Angula Oscar, also charged with housebreaking, was also re-arrested and appeared in Outapi Magistrate’s Court, but his case was remanded to December 22 after he pleaded innocent. Warrant Lineekela Shikongo said that the public must help in tracing Nghilifa, whom the police described as “dangerous”. His whereabouts can be reported to any nearest police station, or alternatively, to Sergeant Jackson Simon on 081-1297053 or 081-2441820. He said Nghilifa was first arrested in Rundu on August 17 and was held in custody at Outapi holding cells, from where he escaped with the aid of a police constable. The police constable, who is accused of aiding four trial-awaiting inmates to escape from custody, has since been arrested and is in custody. The constable, Preciousman Omukulili Pohamba, 31, faces multiple counts of contravening section 46 of the Anti-Corruption Act of 2003. He further faces charges of assisting prisoners to escape from custody and defeating, or attempting to defeat the course of justice. He appeared in Outapi Magistrate’s Court in mid-October and his case was remanded to December 21 for further investigations. He is currently awaiting trial and being held at Oluno correctional services facility.
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