• November 18th, 2018
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Copper festival a gateway for entrepreneurs


Tsumeb Entrepreneurs have been urged to take the opportunity being presented by the iconic Tsumeb Copper Festival to exchange business ideas and share knowledge, thus embracing the positive aspects of their experiences in addressing the gaps that exist in local markets. Speaking at the official opening of the three-day festival yesterday the mayor of Tsumeb, Veueza Kasiringua, implored entrepreneurs to seek new models of growth and development that will ensure that they succeed in making the country’s human and natural resources work. “It is through this that we can organize ourselves to move from mere producers and exporters of primary commodities to that of producers and exporters of manufactured and valued-added products,” Kasiringua said at the festival that ends tomorrow. Zebra Kasete, the vice-president and managing director Dundee Precious Metals, which is among the 123 exhibitors, reaffirmed Dundee’s commitment in assisting and supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through facilitation of SME business training and financial aid. “Our aim is to ensure that the communities where we operate are strong and vibrant long into the future, which means working with local people, organizations and government to invest in and create programmes that benefit the community,” Kasete reassured. Kasete went on to say that by investing in the community through job creation, local purchasing policies and in small businesses they are trying to help create a stronger local economy. Dundee has for the past years invested N$12 million in education, health, sports development, infrastructure and SMEs as part of its multi-pronged social responsibility programme, he said. A business conference will take place today to serve as a platform where captains of industry can deliberate on business ideas for the town and the business fraternity.
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2016-11-04 10:19:00 2 years ago

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