• January 24th, 2019
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Industry Loop: Girl’s night out!

Time Out
Time Out

There are so many independent, beautiful and hardworking women who just want to enjoy a girl’s night out without having to worry about safety. Unfortunately, today’s night life has come to a point where that want is simply impossible to attain. The nightlife is incredibly unsafe. More so for women. Allow me to help you with a guide to a girl’s night out to mitigate the current conditions that persists. Volume: Ladies, never move alone. This is a sad reality. It pains me because sometimes you just want to be alone. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a cocktail and get lost in your thoughts. Unfortunately, the night life in Namibia has come to that where it is unsafe for a woman to go out alone. Make sure that you invite two or three friends to join you on a night out. Phone: Another factor that pains me. Why should I have to hide my phone or resort to using a phone with lesser quality (Katoshie)? Everybody should be able to use their mobiles any time. What is the whole point of going out if you cannot capture the moments in the form of pictures and videos? Because of the current unsafe conditions that’s currently prevailing with the night life, you are forced to either avoid using your smartphone in the open or one simply resort to not taking your smartphone with rather opting to the katoshe. So yes, ladies…as much this reality is fxcked up, do not use your smartphone while out, or even in the car enroute to a spot. Rather use your katoshe for your communications on a night out. Drinks: This rule is as old as the oldest profession in the world. NEVER LEAVE YOUR DRINK UNATTENTED! When I mean NEVER, I mean do not even trust it with your girls! An insight into crime prevention reports have indicated that girls you are with “trade” you in to a man for exchange of alcohol. Obviously, you will not accept such nonsense willingly. So they, as in your own friend can spike your drink. Clubs these days have a very stupid rule of “you cannot go with your drink unto the dancefloor”. In that case, finish your drink and go dance. Or stay with your drink at all times. Have it in your hand all the damn time. Do not let that glass go for anything! Also, you are bloody independent woman! Buy your own freaking drink. Do not accept opened drinks from anyone! Not even from your crush that noticed you and sent a drink over to your table. My mother always used to ask: “What business do you have going out if you cannot buy your own drink”? So do not accept any drinks whatsoever from anyone. Buy your own drinks and account for them. Going home: If you do not have a vehicle and decide on a night out, make sure that you arrange a taxi for you and the girls. This taxi should be a licensed taxi that can come pick you and your girls up once the night has ceased. That story of just standing road side and waiting for any taxi to pop by is dangerous. Tell the taxi to come and pick your squad up 30 minutes before you leave the spot. Do not go outside, tell the taxi to come and wait outside. Stay inside the spot until the taxi has arrived. Final words: One attitude that has pinched our society is “It has never happened to me, so why should I care?” Or “As long if it does not affect me directly, im good”. As much as the above mentioned mishaps have NEVER befallen you in your little perfect world, another woman has to deal with the nonsense described above. So Ladies, talk to each other and advice each other on how best to mitigate the unsafe conditions the nightlife presents currently. Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Sally ft Busiswa: Bim Bim Flop of the week: Miles FT. Brave OB - Friday Its year-end function time! Book NSK to MC or provide sound for your company/organization/firm’s year-end function. Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
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