• November 16th, 2018
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Moetie must mind his P’s and Q’s

Opinions, Sport, Sports
Opinions, Sport, Sports

Humpty-dumptying, by definition is the habit of giving private meanings to words in common use. This practice takes its name from Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty in ‘Through the Looking Glass’, first published in 1871. However, when Alice asks Humpty Dumpty what he actually meant by “glory”, the brother replies: “I meant there’s a nice knockdown argument for you.” Alice protested vehemently that this was not the meaning of “glory”, but bro Humpty Dumpty would not budge and relayed the following in a rather scornful tone: “When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.” Now, I’ve noticed that my learned friend, Cassius Tertius Moetie, has mastered that art of brandishing words at random. This brings yours truly to interrogate the word hypocrisy since the sharp-tongued Moetie has made it his sole province of expertise to resort to online social networks to unleash his venomous pen at the slightest provocation, calling others all sorts of names. And this simply because they hold views different from his own. Hypocrisy is advocating one thing, but doing another and this is a charge commonly leveled against those who don’t actually practice what they preach. It’s all about blokes who constantly chastise others for their alleged reasoning errors, but they themselves are incapable of reasoning coherently on any issue for that matter. Moetie’s unfortunate or rather unprovoked outburst and unjustified attack on my person in the aftermath of an article authored by me clearly exposed his hypocritical tendencies and cannot be left unchallenged, so to speak. What is completely offside is that it in part reveals are inconsistent beliefs, since the views expressed are at odds with the implicit beliefs demonstrated by their behaviour. This type of hypocrite is particularly obnoxious because unlike blokes who just unwittingly hold inconsistent beliefs, hypocrites tell other people how they ought to behave, whilst exempting themselves from the general principles they are peddling. It’s quite amazing how material things change people’s way of behaviour. Is this not the very same bloke who used to criticise the league authorities non-stop when he was public relations officer at Black Africa? But alas, now that he is having his bread buttered by the country’s flagship league through his association with the NPL, the brother is singing a different song. Understandably and rightly so, heeding the call of the old adage: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” in the process forgetting that one can’t have their bread buttered on both sides. Moetie, as a trained scribe, should know better and must be careful not to tread on thin ice, because we all have skeletons in our cupboards. Talk about verifying facts, it has never been my style to suck stories from my thumb and I have no intention of starting to do so now. It should be noted that some of us actually played the game at some stage and contributed to the growth of domestic football. We don’t preach or pretend to care or to like the game. We live and breathe football. I rest my case.
New Era Reporter
2016-11-04 11:07:58 2 years ago

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