• January 24th, 2019
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Namibian plays lead role in international rom drama

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Namibian actor, Risto Bravo, known in the acting circle in Namibia as Bravo, has found himself in the international limelight in the lead role of the movie, Boundaries, directed by Australian film director and producer, Stanley Joseph. Boundaries, is a crossover movie shot and directed in India, Namibia and Australia. The trailer of the movie was uploaded on You Tube in September. The movie will officially be launched online on December 24. According to Bravo, the movie’s clear message is about love than knows no boundaries. Thus, people should learn to love each other and must shun racism. “In this movie, we are advocating against [the] exploitation of people, women trafficking, racism, religion issues and all inhuman things happening around us,” says Bravo adding that they want people to realise that countries’ borders are nothing but an illusion and that there’s only one race, which is human race. Bravo plays the role of a very cool great guy who falls in love with an Indian woman from a very conservative family. The mother is racist and do not believe in interracial dating. Although Bravo appreciates his role as exciting, he says there was so much to do, to endure before winning the love of his life. “It was a great feeling by playing such a demanding and challenging role,” he says. Born and bred in the village of Okashopashopa in the Etayi Constituency, Omusati region, Bravo says acting has always been his passion and something that he always wanted to pursue. “Growing up in the village, it was very hard, even to watch movies or news because there were no televisions, until one of my friends bought his television, and all the entire village used to watch at his home,” says Bravo, adding that watching series and movies from his friend’s television fueled his passion for acting. He then started writing movie and series scripts in 2012. He recalls how hard it was to raise funds and meet directors to show them his scripts. “So far I have three movies and three series written already,” he says. Along his journey, Bravo says he met many directors but none wanted to work with him because he had no portfolio or had never acted before and some of the directors or producers would usually asked him lots of money just for a role. Later in 2012 he decided to pursue his acting career by studying at the Bangalore University in India, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts last year. He is also currently pursuing his Masters in Bachelor of Arts at the same University. “I chose India as my preferred, studying destination because of their powerful and giant movie house, Bollywood,” he says.
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2016-11-04 16:06:07 2 years ago

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