• January 19th, 2019
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Bringing sunshine into lives of scholars and teachers

FNB Namibia handed over 153 Little Sun solar lights to the Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, at the ministry’s offices last Thursday. Martha Murorua, Executive Officer, Consumer Banking, FNB Namibia provided a background to the donation and said that she visited the minister in September this year to find out how FNB Namibia could assist the ministry in its endeavours. She said that she walked away from that meeting fairly distressed over all the challenges and difficulties that teachers and scholars face daily and vowed the do something about the situation. “Back at the office we came up with the idea of the solar lights and started collecting funds amongst our employees. In a short time, we collected enough to purchase 76 solar lights. Then this was topped up, as the FNB volunteerism programme is designed in such a way that whatever employees collect or do, it will be matched by the FNB Namibia Foundation Holdings Trust - and this is what happened, enabling us to purchase a total of 153 solar lights.” Murorua wished the teachers and students many happy hours with the Little Sun solar light, which when charged for 5 hours in direct sunlight would produce 50 hours of soft light or 4.5 hours of bright light. “Learning drives economic growth, fuels innovation and creates jobs. It equips countries – and people – with the skills they need to escape from poverty and build shared prosperity. It enables people to build more secure livelihoods, enjoy better health and participate in political processes that affect their lives.” Hanse-Himarwa expressed her gratitude: “This is yet again an excellent example of public private partnership, which is geared towards the attainment of our National Vision 2030 and the Harambee Prosperity Plan. You are indeed complementing government efforts to ensure the electrification of our schools and as stated in the HPP and I quote – during the Harambee period the government will ensure that all schools and health facilities will be electrified.” She called on other corporate entities and private citizens to emulate the good deeds of FNB Namibia through the ministry’s flagship programme known as the Friends of Education in Namibia Special Initiative – FENSI. “My government alone cannot address the challenges we face in education. My notion has always been that education is a societal issue, thus the involvement of the broader society is of paramount importance.”
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2016-11-07 13:18:43 2 years ago

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