• January 23rd, 2019
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New vehicles to boost service delivery in //Karas

Front Page News
Front Page News

The //Karas Regional Council last Thursday showed its staff members and residents of the region the new vehicles it had just bought, vowing that the new fleet would help improve service delivery. “If one of these vehicles go out we must have improved the life of at least one Namibian and if not please don’t go out, stay put, because this is aimed at improving service delivery,” said the chief regional officer Saul Kahuika during the short ceremony to unveil the eight new vehicles. He said the new cars complement the council’s efforts at ensuring that those residents who are in need of services are catered for, wherever in the region they find themselves. He called on employees to use the cars sparingly and keep them in good shape, for at least the next five years, while warning those who will be driving the vehicles that the cars are fitted with a monitoring system that will track the vehicles at all times. He furthermore called on them to refrain from going to places such as shebeens, saying this might lead to serious consequences. The fleet comprises of five Toyota single cabs, two sedans and a Quantum bus, and was acquired through a three-year lease agreement, at a total cost of N$3 148 617, with a Windhoek dealer. And this means the council will spend about N$87 416 per month on all eight cars, or about N$10 927 per car per month over the next three years, and Kahuika insists that renting the cars is a far better option compared to buying. He pointed out that the maintenance and servicing of the cars are usually a big challenge and thus leasing is a cheaper option, as this will be the responsibility of the fleet management company. “It’s very expensive to buy, but with this lease agreement the owners are the ones doing the maintenance and servicing and we are basically just putting in petrol,” he said.
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2016-11-07 13:55:19 2 years ago

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