• January 23rd, 2019
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Nujoma impressed with ‘supertree’

Agriculture, Front Page News
Agriculture, Front Page News

Windhoek - The founding president Dr Sam Nujoma last Friday said he wants to see more Namibians engaged in agriculture and other projects that add value to their produce as this helps uplift resident communities. Nujoma, who was in Rundu to attend the Rundu Agricultural and Industrial Show, made these remarks when he toured the Moringa oleifera project initiated by philanthropist and respected Rundu-based entrepreneur Elizabeth Hilger, who uses proceeds from ‘superfood’ to feed orphans. Nujoma met Hilger at her lodge at Tambuti where she briefed the founding president on the Moringa oleifera project at Mavanze village. At the village she produces capsules, Moringa leaves and powder from her 5 000 ‘supertrees’ with a multiplicity of health benefits for her growing base of varied clients. “He came to see our field of 5 000 trees and how we are processing leaves from Moringa oleifera trees into containers of 130 capsules and Moringa powder. After we explained everything to him, he was very impressed saying he wants more Namibians to produce home-made products,” said an elated Hilger. After she informed Nujoma about her intentions to expand her project to an orchard of 80 000 trees, as demand almost exceeds supply, the founding president stressed the importance of such projects as they empower villagers while eliminating malnutrition as the tree reportedly has numerous health benefits. Once the 80 000 Moringa expansion project gets off the ground Hilger intends to process the tree into natural Moringa oil, lotion, bath soap and Moringa seeds that will also be available for the market. “This was a great opportunity the Theresia Foundation had to speak to the founding father to introduce and explain to him the benefits of Moringa oleifera. We were very happy to have some private time with the founding father to explain to him Moringa oleifera,” she informed New Era, adding: “The community was very proud to shake hands with the founding father, a dream they never thought will happen one day.” After he had visited and had been appraised on how the tree is planted and processed at Mavanze village in Ncuncuni Constituency in Kavango West on the outskirts of Rundu, Hilger gave a gift of some Moringa powder to the founding father, a renowned known fitness fanatic who lives a robust life. The larger-than-life Rundu businesswoman who comes from very humble beginnings is well known in Kavango, for she selflessly shelters, feeds, clothes and pays the school fees from her own pocket of over 100 orphans. Apart from its touted skin and hair benefits and being a powerful anti-oxidant that flushes toxins from the body, this reportedly amazing green herb, originally from northern India, contains seven times the amount of vitamin C in an orange. It has ten times more vitamin A than carrots, 17 times more calcium than milk, 15 times more potassium than bananas, according to some scientific research.
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2016-11-07 14:01:25 2 years ago

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