• January 23rd, 2019
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Boy assaulted over lump of pap

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Amarika - An 18-year-old man is expected to appear in a traditional court this week at Amarika after he allegedly assaulted a minor who angered him because he depleted their maize flour by preparing a huge lump of pap. The incident reportedly took place at Amarika village in Otamanzi Constituency where the suspect and his victim reside together. As a result of the alleged bashing the boy sustained some bleeding and he is apparently having difficulties when walking. The victim further stayed away from school for two days while he received some medical treatment at a local clinic. The incident happened last Wednesday in Omusati Region. The suspect is a domestic worker struggling to make ends meet – domestics are on the lower rung of the economic scale. It is alleged that the seven-year-old Mwalambange Iyela was brutally assaulted with a fresh mopane stick after he allegedly cooked porridge at the suspect’s place. “The suspect asked the underage boy to go cook for him because he was under the influence of otombo, but when the boy finished cooking for him, he beat the child because he apparently cooked more than what they needed to eat,” said the child’s father who identified himself as Abraham Iyela. Iyela only came to learn about the incident when they noticed that the boy was not able to walk and his back was bleeding. “When my sister asked him as to why he is not going to school he started alluding to her what had happened to him. It was shocking because the child did not know how to cook, he is underage and he is not the suspect’s family member,” he said.Approached for comment Paulus Moses, 18, the suspect, gleefully told New Era that he assaulted the boy to teach him a lesson that people do not waste food. “I asked him why he cooked such a large lump of porridge but he could not provide me with a satisfactory answer, which then provoked me to beat the hell out of him,” he told New Era. Moses, who did not show any remorse about what happened, further explained he whipped the boy until he stopped crying and that is when he stopped beating him. “I beat him until he was no longer crying. Then I stopped and I told him to come and eat, which he did,” he said. He said he asked the boy to cook for him because he was too tired and too drunk and that he was unable to cook for himself. Village headman Amutenya Salomo said Moses would appear before a traditional court within this week to explain what happened. He further said although Moses admitted guilt, there are traditional compensation consequences that he could face. The suspect’s employer Andreas Ashipala said that he will make sure Moses will attend his court proceedings.
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2016-11-08 12:38:12 2 years ago

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