• November 16th, 2018
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Calls for  total overhaul of NPL hierarchy… observers advocate a motion of no confidence


Windhoek - The much-anticipated emergency meeting of the Namibia Premier League (NPL) meant to have paved the way for the immediate future of domestic football, has left many with more questions than answers. Football pundits opine that Namibian football has now reached a point of no redemption and is at the threshold of undertaking the inevitable journey of the dinosaur if drastic action is not taken, given the senseless resolutions documented from last weekend’s hastily arranged NPL Annual General Meeting (AGM). Whilst many expected some good news from the gathering, football followers were left flabbergasted with lame explanations advanced by the ineffective hierarchy regarding the current status of the financially crippled league. Rather than informing its subjects how far it has gone to solicit a headline sponsorship for the NPL after negotiations with principal sponsor MTC fell through, the league hierarchy under the stewardship of embattled chairman Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb resolved to introduce red herrings into the crisis. Despite getting a kick in the teeth for the bloated budget of N$24 million tabled for consideration by MTC, members at the meeting approved the said budget without elaborating as to where that staggering amount of money would come from or what better strategy the league would apply this time to entice and attract potential sponsors. Strangely, the fourteen members approved a motion to reappoint the NPL audit firm Saunderson & Co for another term - notwithstanding the league’s current financial quagmire. It remains to be seen where the money would come from for the auditing. Though NPL remains steadfast about a highly disputable promised sponsorship of N$3 million from a local self-confessed business mogul, boasting that it has clinched the sponsorship deal by signing a contract – the money is yet to be reflected in the league’s bank statements. It was boastfully announced by the seemingly clueless or rather desperate NPL bosses that the 2016/2017 NPL campaign would now kick off next February – much to the chagrin of football administrators and followers alike. However, the fundamental question that needs to be addressed is: since the league came to a complete standstill as a direct result of insufficient funding – where would the required outstanding amount come from to get the ball rolling? “I’m extremely disappointed with the outcome of the meeting to say the least, one would have expected the members to come up with tangible resolutions regarding the way forward but what came out is an absolute backward move,” charges a clearly agitated local football historian Sethos Uwanga. The outspoken Uwanga also took aim at the clubs for ostensible cowardice in their overall handling of the matter. “The clubs failed their supporters dismally because they allowed themselves to be hoodwinked into believing that things are back to normal and that league activities would resume in February without asking further questions as to where the money would come from.” Blue Waters long serving team manager Tostao Imbili is calling for heads to roll, adding he has lost complete confidence in the current leadership of the underachieving NPL. “There is an urgent need for new blood because modern football requires blokes with a proven business pedigree. The current leadership has lost focus, credibility and more importantly, the confidence of potential sponsors.” Analytical Commentary by Carlos 'CK' Kambaekwa Silence could be and rightly so interpreted as an endorsement!! Well yours truly has been following with an eagle eye the unfolding nauseating events regarding the country’s football flagship league financial woes and the amateurish fashion in which it was handled. It has never been my beat nor my intention to kick a man while he is lying helplessly on the ground. One must confess I was seriously disappointed by the outcome of last weekend’s eagerly awaited Namibia Premier League (NPL) Annual General Meeting (AGM). Seriously, the Namibian football fraternity expected a lot of resolutions to be taken at the said gathering, certainly not the sort of crap and half fermented beer that came out of that Mickey Mouse meeting. As it stands, those entrusted to administer the beautiful game have made it their sole province to run this public institution as if they running their own little nil-star kambashus. It’s crystal clear that football bosses are taking their subjects for a bunch of moegoes if what came out of the meeting is anything to go by. In all honesty, one would have expected these blokes to come up with comprehensive tangible solutions on the way forward and not try to feed the public with beef as has become a norm in the annals of domestic football. Telling the football loving public that they made a grave error of judgment when they recklessly announced that the league will resume activities next February, is almost trying to explain to bro Stevie Wonder the difference between light and darkness – the brother has never experienced any light, so it would be pointless to explain. Until such time that you tell us how and where you will get the required amount of money to start the league – not even a toddler would take you seriously. This after you have dismally failed to solicit a single penny over the last three or four months but all of a sudden you are trying to convince the nation that you will find the money. Show me the money first !!! My humble advice to my learned colleagues is do the honourable thing and resign to allow other people to revamp our beautiful-turned-ugly game. There’s life after football, move on and venture into other business because this is not your personal asset. I’m signing off.
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