• November 16th, 2018
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CHANGE uplifts society through second chances

Development, Business
Development, Business

Windhoek - FNB Namibia handed over a contribution on November 07, 2016 of N$240 000 to CHANGE, which is an independent non-governmental organisation actively involved in uplifting the Namibian society and contributing to economic and social development by re-integrating ex-offenders into society. “Not only do we at FNB Namibia support the notion of second chances that CHANGE is advocating. Their organisation is not only dealing with ex-offenders; it is also open to members of the community who come from disadvantaged backgrounds or adverse social conditions,” said a delighted Petrus Nakuumba, FNB Main Branch teller. Nakuumba explained that today, more than ever, organisations such as CHANGE have become extremely important as they look after the vulnerable and the disadvantaged who – as the Namibian President firmly believes – should not know poverty, hunger, ill health or any inequalities. He adds: “As a responsible business, we at FNB Namibia have identified four strategic pillars of support that cover one Namibia, one nation – and these include people, partnerships, the planet and profit. Partnerships with organisations such as CHANGE have a huge positive effect on the people of Namibia. As a corporate business, we have the means to support such organizations while they – in turn – have the expertise to make things happen.” Over the past year FNB Namibia has contributed a total of N$240 000 to CHANGE. In 2015 CHANGE trained 32 people in the fashion designing and tailoring industry while this year, 37 students are enrolled for the certificate level while some of the 2015 students are busy with their diploma level. Michaela Hubschle, CHANGE chairperson thanked FNB Namibia wholeheartedly and stated: “When these students have successfully completed their studies, this means that an additional 50 Namibians or so will either be able to seek employment or become a self-starter. This has happened already and we know that many have become self-employed and are making a success of their business.” Naomi Ngongo, a student in fashion designing gave a testimonial at the handover. She is in her first year completing a certificate in fashion design. “I am very motivated to proceed to my diploma.  I am passionate about fashion design. I don’t have to go to a shop to buy a dress but I am inspired when I see a beautiful dress and rather make it for myself.  Thank you FNB for donating money and investing in the CHANGE program so that our lives become better.”
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2016-11-08 10:26:29 2 years ago

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