• January 23rd, 2019
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DTA elects new leadership

Front Page News
Front Page News

Oshakati - The DTA has released the names of its new leadership that will steer its transformation ‘to become the electorate’s party of choice within the next three years’ as the party prepares itself for the next national elections slated for 2019. The party on Saturday elected 10 additional national secretaries to serve on the national executive committee (NEC) as was adopted with the new constitution in July this year. The previous DTA constitution only made provision for two national secretaries on the NEC. The next leadership will be elected again in 2018. The NEC was elected on Saturday at Oshakati at an elective central committee meeting. DTA president McHenry Venaani said the NEC would steer the party into gaining more members of parliament in 2019 and attracting more voters to the party. “More members and voters will not come by themselves, they will only come through our collective efforts and hard work.  We need to make things happen and control our own destiny,” said Venaani. The DTA president also appointed nine members of the central committee to a special presidential commission on rebranding. The purpose of the commission will be to oversee and facilitate the rebranding process, to iron out the modalities and specifics. “They will be given specific timelines to achieve certain tasks and they will regularly report their progress to me,” said Venaani on Saturday. Venaani encouraged his party members not to see rebranding in isolation. “Rebranding is not just about changes of names, colours or symbols. Rebranding is just a small component of the greater transformation project being undertaken by the party,” assured Venaani. He said rebranding is about positioning DTA as a genuine alternative government – an alternative government that has ideas and policies that can move Namibia forward and deliver quality education, health care, jobs and food security to every Namibian. The secretary for information and publicity, Lascan Sikosi, of Katima Mulilo Local Authority, and the secretary for organization and mobilization, Agatus Antanga, who served on the previous committee retain their positions. Other members who were elected to serve on the NEC are member of parliament Vipuakuje Muharukua, for international relations, and member of parliament Elma Dienda, as secretary for information. Johannes Martin a member of Ondangwa Town Council is the secretary for sports and culture, while Otjiwarongo local authority councillor Esmerelda Esme ḷAebes is secretary for economic affairs and trade. Berseba village councillor Christina Isaacks will serve as secretary for transport while the former mayor of Keetmanshoop will serve as secretary for legal affairs. Other appointed members are Valencia Izaaks for gender equality and female empowerment, Cyprian Muyenga for health and education, Diederik Isaak Vries for labour and employment and Duludi Ndjiharine for agriculture and environment. Though having a small fraction of parliamentary seats when compared to Swapo, the DTA is the official opposition party with five seats.
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