• January 23rd, 2019
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Fight against unemployment, food insecurity


Ongwediva - Councillor of Oshakati East Lotto Kuushomwa is one of a few politicians who – apart from investing in infrastructural development – are also serious about creating employment and food security for the people who elected him into office. “If my work is to be rated, I will proudly say I have scored at least 80 percent out of 100. I have done a lot for my constituency in terms of electrification and water supply to public institutions. “No school can claim that they do not have electricity, or they don’t have water, or teachers cannot reach the school because there is no access road. And all farmers have water for their animals, because I have advocated for enough earth dams,” Kuushomwa boasted. Kuushomwa, who has been a councillor for two terms, has not only overseen government projects, such as road networking and rural electrification in Oshakati Constituency, but has also ensured his constituency established viable projects that create a decent income and employment. Among such projects is an orchard at Omusimboti Village, which has now become a source of income for many. The 4.5 hectare plantation consists of over 2 000 fruit trees and was established four years ago by community members. Today, under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry (MAWF) the orchard supplies tonnees of mangoes, guava and lemons to the Agro-Marketing Trading Agency (AMTA). The garden also supplies fruit to local schools. Although the Omusimboti Orchard project is controlled by government under MAWF supervision, the workers there are residents of Oshakati East Constituency. Aside from the plantation, Oshakati East Constituency under Kuushomwa has also invested in a food processing plant that will process and add value to locally produced foodstuffs. The factory, which is located at Iikuti Village will soon be operational and will focus mainly on producing jam, using local raw materials. Last year government and several non-governmental organisations invested around N$800 000 in the project. For now the only hiccup before the project becomes fully operational is the availability of water, but Kuushomwa is confident this will soon be a thing of the past. “Water availability to the project was the only challenge. But as we speak the earth dam that will be used to harvest the water is ready. We have already acquired water tanks and the place is already electrified. We’re just waiting for the rain, because we need the water in that earthdam and the project will kick off,” he said. A modern kraal in Oshana Region was also constructed in Oshakati East to the tune of N$ 7 million. Apart from projects that will contribute immensely to employment creation and food security in the constituency, Kuushomwa has also spearheaded community activities that contribute to the wellbeing and cohesion of his people. Among such activities is the establishment of earthen roads to Enkono Clinic. The work required community cooperation and voluntarism to de-bush the area and allowing the roads to run through mahangu fields. The project was successful and all people in the area can now more easily access the clinic. Kuushomwa also ensured that all communities in Oshakati East have crossover points with culverts across oshanas, as the country heads into the rainy season. Among other achievements, two major roads have also been constructed in the constituency, making services more readily accessible to rural communities in the area.
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2016-11-09 10:28:37 2 years ago

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