• January 23rd, 2019
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LSC allegedly fails to pay workers for months


Windhoek - Several disgruntled workers hired by Labour Supply Chain (LSC) Namibia have complained that the company has not paid them for over three months. The workers who are mainly based at LSC in Ondangwa allege their employer has been giving them their monthly pay slips but when they go to the bank there is no money deposited into their accounts and this has apparently been the norm for over three months. “It has been over three months now without us getting paid. We get our pay slips but when we go to the bank, there is no money. The human resource department has been dodging us whenever we enquire about our salaries. We are working very hard, but we are not getting compensated for it,” complained one worker. The aggrieved workers say they have families to feed but each end of the month there is nothing to show in terms of food and other household expenditures. “We don’t know what to do anymore. We don’t want to resort to social ills such as crime, that is why we are still patiently waiting for our money. We don’t feel good. We knock off very late but no payment. We live in town, our water and electricity bills are high. Our wives are ever complaining that we never have money each end of the month while we wake up every day to go to work. It’s like we are hired to work for free,” complained one driver who says he delivers goods around the north on a daily basis. He said his pay slip shows that he is a driver with a basic salary of N$4 000 but he claims he has never received it since he started work in September. Asked whether they have a shop steward, the workers said they do not have one, hence it’s difficult to address such complaints to the company based in Northern Industria, Windhoek. The workers have demanded that the company pay all outstanding money owed to them, as life has become unbearable for them and their dependants. Approached for comment, LSC operations manager, Phillip Mouton, yesterday could not confirm nor deny the workers’ allegations, saying he is relatively new at the labour consultancy company. “I heard of all the complaints but I only started at the company about two weeks ago. So I would not know what happened previously. I don’t know the facts of the situation as to why everything is happening the way it is as I wasn’t there. There is a new management so we are new here. However, the complaints have been brought to my attention and I am investigating the matter,” Mouton said. He went on to say, “On our payroll, it shows that people have been paid. That’s why I asked for their names and copies of their bank statements so I can follow up with our payroll department.”
New Era Reporter
2016-11-09 10:45:02 2 years ago

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