• January 23rd, 2019
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Murder accused pleads for forgiveness


Oshakati - “I am guilty, I am guilty before God, the government, and the two families. I need forgiveness,” pleaded murder accused Johannes Shipanga who admitted killing his wife. He cut short her life over an alleged affair and for refusing to support him financially when he lost his job. The 59-year-old Shipanga admitted he had no evidence against his wife besides cellphone messages from her alleged lover and mere hearsay. Shipanga told the court he was informed by a certain Helena Uusiku his wife was having an affair with one Joseph Iyambo. In a statement, which was objected to by Judge Marlene Tommasi, state advocate Taodagog Gaweseb questioned how Shipanga could kill his wife over an SMS of the alleged lover when Shipanga also sired a child from an extra-marital affair. The 51-year-old Justina Shipanga was killed and burnt beyond recognition at their home at Onalulago on June 17. Shipanga was last week convicted of murder read with the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act and attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice. Shipanga will be sentenced on November 24. The state advocate pleaded with the court to sentence Shipanga to at least 40 years for murder and five years for obstructing the course of justice. However, his lawyer Lydia Nghipandulua from legal aid appealed for a lenient sentence of 15 years for the murder and three years for obstructing the course of justice. She appealed that the two sentences run concurrently. Shipanga said he was overpowered by a demon when his wife indicated he had no right to ask her when she will return home. He said a fight then erupted. “I pulled out a gun. I shot her once in the head and she fell on my lap.  I then shot her the second time in the head and the bullet went through and injured my hip.  I drove home and got a gas cylinder and set the vehicle on fire,” narrated Shipanga. Shipanga disputed having had marital affairs, pointing a gun at his wife in 2011 and that he was short tempered. In her submission, defence counsel Ngipandulua appealed to the court to consider the fact the suspect is a first time offender and that he was remorseful from the time he had committed the murder. She further told the court Shipanga suffered public humiliation, emotional abuse and provocation from the wife since he lost his job in 2009. Ngipandulua said her client also further on different platforms sought counselling from various people to restore his marriage, however, that did not happen. State advocate Gaweseb submitted to the court to consider that Shipanga was financially supported by the deceased. He also put it to the court to consider their marital relationship was flooded with problems since 1998 and that there was no proof or evidence to support the alleged affair.
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2016-11-10 10:29:00 2 years ago

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