• January 24th, 2019
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Let’s quit living from hand to mouth in local football

Opinions, Sport, Sports
Opinions, Sport, Sports

Leading an organisation is much like a captain navigating a ship. The captain is obliged to give the right orders and so forth, but alas what exactly makes some people believe they were born to lead others, even when they are found sorely wanting in the basics required to guide their subjects? We live in a world where we are driven by our subconscious, according to the nature of our thoughts, which is the seat of our emotions – ultimately the creative mind. If we think evil, the latter will no doubt follow, because this is the way the mind operates. The main point to remember is that once the subconscious mind accepts an idea it begins to execute it viciously. Our football leaders are driven by the habitual evils of greed, or else how would one describe their hardcore reluctance to vacate office, even when it is crystal clear to who can see that their term in office has become untenable. As followers, we must learn to remove our leaders when they become arrogant and forget that the institutions they serve do not belong to them and their cronies. It’s now a well-documented secret that Namibian football has been thrown into deep turmoil as a result of incompetence on the part of those mandated to administer the game. Honestly speaking and without beating about the bush, yours truly must confess his displeasure at the shoddy fashion in which the Namibia Premier League (NPL) went about its business during last weekend’s much-anticipated Annual General Meeting (AGM). Did I hear somebody boast that league activities would start in February 2017? It’s shocking and heartbreaking that the affiliates did not even bother to interrogate their masters about where the money would come from to start the league acitivities within such a short period, if they could not solicit even a single penny over the previous three months. If memory serves me right – and I’m damn sure that many of you would scorn to own me in a lie – I dare recall that when the incumbent flamboyant NPL chairman Johnny ‘JJD’ Doeseb took over the reigns, his company donated brand new computers to each of the affiliates in the topflight league. The author protested against such practice at the time, arguing that such a move – although well meant – constituted a serious conflict of interest. As it stands, the old adage that you can’t bite the hand that feeds you, has come back to haunt the clubs, or else what stops them form ushering their under-achieving steward through the exit door in order to save local football from reaching a point of no redemption? The bottomline is to dismantle with immediate effect the entire NPL executive in the shape of the ineffective BoG’s or management committee (MC) for that matter. Doeseb cannot be held solely accountable for the current mess. The truth is that the current NPL leadership has failed dismally to convince potential sponsors to come on board, while preaching and shamelessly boasting that football is a sought-after commodity. Well, that could be true to a certain extent, but the product is poorly packaged, to say the least. We must urgently look at ways to attract a decent number of spectators to the stadiums, since no amount of words would be enough to lure people through the turnstiles with the kind of football dished out by the current crop of players. Needless to say, Katutura glamour football club African Stars used to fill the stadiums to the rafters just a few years ago and readers might be wondering why spectators are no longer filling the stands. The answer is simple: the Reds had in their armoury two exceptional athletes in the shape of Querra Jacobs and Rudi Louw, and any sober minded football-loving person would gladly pay their hard-earned moolah to watch these blokes bewitch a spherical object with ease. Truth be told, besides Blue Waters’ ageing midfielder Mekondjo Tobias, Image Isaaks, Abes Iimbondi (both Tigers) Awilo Stephanus (BA) Neville Tjiueza (Stars) - if fit - and very few other footballers of note, our flagship league lacks formidable footballers in the mould of Congo Hindjou, Lolo Goraseb, Jason ‘Khumalo’ Petrus, Brian Isaacs and Gerros ‘the Bomber’ Uri-Khob. I rest my case.
New Era Reporter
2016-11-11 12:19:56 2 years ago

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