• January 23rd, 2019
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Swartbooi spoke truth at Goabfes

At last there is someone who is sincere. Hypocrisy will only breed problems for future generations and anyone promoting it is simply a lousy leader. The Germans dispossessed Namas, Damaras and Ovaherero of their land and livestock. It is the simple truth and it is not dependent on whether the groups involved are a majority or not. Minister Swartbooi stated the naked truth and a casual visit to the library would be informative to anyone who has been told distortions of history since 1990. Someone from the northeast who still has his ancestral land is resettled on a farm that was the ancestral land of the Nama people, while they (the Nama) remain landless. Can anyone in his right mind tell me how this can be fair. Most people who bore the brunt of the liberation war were those in central north. It is simply the truth! Equally, the people who lost land are the Nama, Damara and Ovaherero and this should be taken into account in land allocation to restore people’s dignity and ability to eke out a living. This is a great nation. What is needed are honest leaders like Swartbooi. I thought the struggle was for truth, fairness and justice so that all Namibians can benefit, or did I get it wrong? Vetja Haakuria
New Era Reporter
2016-11-11 11:21:56 2 years ago

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