• January 23rd, 2019
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Insure your valuables on time this holiday

Windhoek - December and January means summer holiday for many people and plans have probably been made to enjoy a holiday away from home, either at the coast or at another destination with family and friends. Says Melissa Desai, team leader in consumer sales at FNB Insurance Brokers Namibia: “As insurance brokers we wish to keep our clients and their possessions out of harm’s way this coming holiday and therefore wish to share some tips and tricks with customers to safeguard their home and themselves on the trip.” When it comes to the house insurance, Melissa informs customers that everyone should plan early for insurance. “In Namibia, some insurers deem the period between 15 November to 15 January a high-risk time and will not accept new clients, except under certain circumstances.” Furthermore, all insurers have specified conditions under which they agree to insure the possessions, the most important one being the security measures. “Check your policy schedule. If a loss occurs and there is a discrepancy between what you have declared and what is actually present you may face a limited payout, or your claim will not be entertained. “Make sure what your burglary excess would be. If you have an alarm system, have it tested before you leave.  Lock both the outside and inside doors and close all windows, except the cat’s,” she says. Other checking mechanisms – as advised by FNB Insurance Brokers – should include switching off the geyser and closing the main water connection; switching off all wall plugs of electronic devices to avoid power surge or lightning damage and making sure fridges and freezers are switched on and plugged in. “Here is an additional tip - surge protection devices are available from electronics or hardware retailers. Some wall socket multi-port adapters also have built-in surge protection, check if it is indicated on the adapter.” “Lastly, it is also advisable to create the illusion that you are at home and this can be done with a few simple strategies,” advises Melissa. Fit “fake” cameras (available from security shops) outside your home. Invest in a few timer devices, which can be set not only to lights, but also to the television. Get a responsible and trustworthy friend or relative to home-sit or make unscheduled visits. Pay a distant cousin or neighbourhood teenager (and his friends) to paint your front wall or fixtures during your absence. Last - but definitely not least - make sure your pet(s) get the food, water and attention they deserve and love - this is a no-brainer. If this is not possible, book them into the SPCA or a dog bed and breakfast. They do not deserve to be left alone.”
New Era Reporter
2016-11-14 11:52:40 2 years ago

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