• January 23rd, 2019
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Renaissance to reimburse boot camp goers


Windhoek -Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund has announced that it will as of next year rebate members who choose to participate in boot camps. The move is part of the Fund’s mission to encourage its members to embrace healthy lifestyles so as to reduce their chances of chronic diseases, such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, explained principal officer Sonja Malan to New Era. Malan added that chronic diseases are a significant contributor to deaths worldwide. And these diseases are a health threat to many people, who make unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits. “The old saying that prevention is better than cure really has truth to it. Almost all chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and stroke) and diabetes, can be controlled and prevented by exercise and healthy living,” added Malan. Consequently, in order to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, boot camps are now included in the Renaissance Health’s ‘Lifestyle and Fitness’ benefits reimbursement model. She explained that all boot camps would be included. “A member must first pay and then claim back the money by obtaining a rebate form and attaching the proof of payment to the form. The form must be signed or stamped by the instructor after each session of attendance,” said Malan. She added that the member must also submit a claim form and will be reimbursed based on the number of times they attended the boot camp in accordance with the lifestyle and fitness benefit subject to the family limit. “The Lifestyle and Fitness benefit is available on all the Renaissance options subject to the specific benefit limits available on the specific options,” Malan explained. Contacted for comment, Rudi Louw, the founder of Rudi Louw’s Boot Camp, said: “It’s a good move. Some people like boot camps, because they like to be pushed out of their comfort zone,” said Louw, explaining that boot camps are not for the faint-hearted. Unlike working out alone, boot camps consist of groups of people training together who the process motivate one another to reach their physical fitness goals. “It’s really tough and difficult. It’s good to see that boot camps will also be funded by this medical aid,” said Louw. The former soccer player also advised that attending boot camps should not be once-off event or to impress people. “It must be a lifestyle. Exercise is dynamic”, said Louw, adding that it is the little exercises that lead to a healthy lifestyle. “You need to make exercise a part of your life. You can even exercise while on holiday. You can exercise in a hotel room or in a plane. You can go for a workout with your family,” said Louw, stressing the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.
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2016-11-14 12:00:34 2 years ago

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