• November 16th, 2018
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Concern over scarcity of water points in Havana

Front Page News
Front Page News

Windhoek - The National Unity Democratic Organisation’s (Nudo) Youth League has expressed concern over the lack of water points at Havana informal settlement on the outskirts of Windhoek. The party’s youth wing spokesperson Kanguana Muatjetjeja said residents of Havana have to walk three to five kilometres daily to fetch water as there are not enough water points nearby. “The placement of water points at Havana remains a concern as the settlement is expanding,” said Muatjetjeja in a media statement last week. Muatjetjeja called on the City of Windhoek (CoW) to install more water points near the people. He said the municipality could divide the settlement into blocks whereby each block can be provided with its own water point to make life easier for Havana residents. “Access to clean water is not a privilege, but a right. The government is tramping on the constitution by denying basic services to citizens and this is a pure violation of the constitution,” he said. Sex for Food Also, Muatjetjeja accuses food bank officials of demanding rewards in return for food parcels. “The government initiative to distribute food to needy people is a good practice, but is being done in the wrong way,” he said. He said that while visiting the settlement he was shocked to learn from inhabitants that there are food bank officials allegedly demanding “sex” in return for food parcels. “There are so many bad things happening in the food bank which might hamper it to be a successful initiative, and ending up failing on its target, therefore I’m urging the initiators to stop the food bank immediately and put strict measures in place since the ones in place are jeopardising the whole process,” he said. He said food bank officials in Havana were handpicked by a regional councillor and dumped in the community. “If the task of selecting officials were given to the community itself, then it would be easy for the community to replace any officials seen doing things which are out of line,” he said.
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