• December 9th, 2018
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Fast-as-lighting Welding Edge ready for Rehoboth race


Rehoboth - The usually laidback town of Rehoboth, south of Namibia’s commercial capital Windhoek, will be a hive of activity this weekend when the revered Angermund Horse Racing Club plays host to the final race of the season. The widely anticipated horse race to be staged at the Rehoboth Turf Club Race Track is expected to attract horses and jockeys from all corners of the country, including guest entrants from neigbouring Botswana and South Africa. New kid on the block Winding Edge is amongst the pre-race favourites in the shorter sprints. The seven-year old thoroughbred gilding, owned by well-known commercial cattle breeding farmer Daniel Beukes, has already announced his arrival with breathtaking performances in the last two races. Paddled by popular jockey Markus Goagoseb, the South African import racehorse claimed two first-place podium finishes, having easily galloped his way to astonishing victories in both the 1 000 and 1 600 metre races. Born in Durban and raised in Kimberley, South Africa, Winding Edge has found a new home at the Beukes stable, Beutista Turf Club, and is bound to make a quick return to his favourite hunting ground in the hope of proving his astonishing pair of victories at the same venue a fortnight ago was no fluke. His clearly over-confident and proud owner Daniel Beukes boasts that although the horse is eligible for entry in the D-Division, he will register the fast-as-lightning gilding in the highly competitive A-category.
New Era Reporter
2016-11-15 10:23:33 2 years ago

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