• September 23rd, 2018
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M&S gym aims to curb alcohol abuse

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Omuthiya Community members of the small village town of Omuthiya, whose source of leisure mainly involves working and relaxing at thirst-quenching waterholes, now have an ideal platform to keep their bodies in shape. The quality of life at the town has been signficantly boosted by the opening of a new fitness gym fully equipped with state-of-the-art apparatuses that are likely going to contribute towards relatively healthly lifestyles. The joy and excitement felt by community members could be seen through the massive turnout at the fitness estabslihment, just in its first week of operation. M&S Gym and Fitness is situated within the epicentre of the booming village enclave and offers body building, aerobics and therapy, as well as massage upon recommendation by medical specialists, plus the establishment is also fitted with tread mills. The idea behind the gym derived from a lack of recreational facilities in the surrounding areas and the problem of alcohol abuse among the youth, according to the gym’s managing director, Simon Nghipunya. “I see a lot of people, including some of my friends, hanging around town aimlessly without anything to do apart from work, or watching the famous English Premier League football on the telly and gathering at bars and pubs. This obliged me to come up with something which could bring a significant change and keep them together in a similar manner to their usual gathering at drinking places. Our ultimate aim is to improve their health status, while staying fit”, noted the youthful busnessman. Adding that the gymhas been medically approved to also accommodate patients that need therapy and massage, who would usually have to travel long distances to other towns to receive similar services. “These people spent a lot of their precious time travelling up and down, so now this gym will enable them to cut costs in that regard. Hence our desire to assist those who are unable help themselves.” He believes in the notion of safety first on the gym premises and has roped in the services of two fulltime trainers, who will be responsible for facilitating activities and assisting trainees. “I intend to employ more staff members depending on the enrolment level. In that respect I will be be able to plough back into the community,” Nghipunya remarked.
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