• January 23rd, 2019
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Amupanda’s tenderpreneur comparison off the mark


It’s really ridiculous to say, as stated by Job Amupanda last week in New Era, that corrupt tenderpreneurs in Namibia might also be thinking of running for office, following Donald Trump’s recent victory. Which corrupt American tenderpreneur became president? Trump isn’t a corrupt tenderpreneur, he’s a legitimate businessman who has had a passion to make things right for his country. You can’t compare him to the sellouts we have in Namibia. Trump wants to renegotiate all trade agreements so they are more in favour of the American people. He wants to impose high taxes on goods manufactured in China and sold to America, so as to encourage the big multinationals that manufacture these goods to set up their plants in America. He further wants to spend less on wars and more on improving infrastructure in America and stopping illegal immigration, and that’s why he got elected. To imply that Namibians might vote for a corrupt tenderpreneur is premature. We will vote for anybody with or without a political background, provided we like his/her plans for this country. You don’t have to be a political elite to be president, even you know that Mr Amupanda. If I were to guess what Namibia is to expect from Trump I’ll say we should expect aid cuts, as Trump said that the Obama administration is taking care of everybody except America, so that might be an area to look out for. Handuukeme Shindinge
New Era Reporter
2016-11-18 10:48:05 2 years ago

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