• January 24th, 2019
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Bermuda steps up to revolutionise music scene

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek In 2009, Maximillion Kadeen Kaoseb, better known KK’s ambition rose and saw him establishing his own record label, Bermuda Music Entertainment. The same year the multi-talented artist released the hit single, We Go Hard, which was recognised worldwide due to its accessibility on high audience mediums such as Youtube and the South African music television station Channel O. Since the rapper has been the most consistent Hip-Hop artist over the past few decades and clearly he has a lot up his sleeve. As much as KK’s ambition and vision for creating music and a brand is visible, he took a bold step with his label recently announcing his campaign themed, Rise Up, to develop the music industry. The Rise Up campaign is aimed at uniting the industry by building trust and loyalty amongst artists and between artists and fans. KK says music is not just a source of entertainment anymore but has become Ubuntu. He adds that music is no longer about skin or culture but how it affects one’s life and in order for their favourite artists to grow fans have to support the cause and help build this empire. “Gone are the days where we go to events just because there are South African acts. It is time we as a nation ‘Rise Up’ and stand together. Over the years South Africa has managed to make great strides globally in the music industry because they learnt the art of Ubuntu. But that Ubuntu has to start from home so that is why we are starting the Namibia ‘Rise Up’ campaign. We need to start realising the talents in each other for the growth of our nation,” says KK KK adds that to see change in the industry, unity and support is the first step. “Together we can change the face of Namibian music, if this company (Bermuda music) is about anything, it’s about the passion, drive, the consumer, of course the music and staying focused,” he emphasises. KK recalls when he started, avowing that when one enters the music industry the journey is never easy, from the pressure, lack of assistance to being recognised, and therefore made it paramount that his label plays a role as mentor to new talents. “After We go hard everything had changed for me and I might not have been fully prepared for what was to come. I jumped into this pool of sharks with nothing but a warning and a fresh cut so they all knew I was there and slowly started circling,” determines KK adding that there is so much young talents in Namibia and sometimes they just need a mentor or someone who genuinely cares for the growth of these vulnerable individuals, someone that’s not just out for personal gain. Someone who wouldn’t exploit them and end up blowing out that little flame before it really got a chance to burn. This is why he decided to start Bermuda Music. “So we could do our part in helping and directing these young talents and help them mould a better version of themselves,” he visualises. Besides KK, Bermuda music currently manages two young talents, namely KBrizzy and Raymondo. KBrizzy’s ability to rap “punchline after punchline” is what caught the ear of established artist KK in 2012, who showed immediate interest in the rapper. Raymond used to release mixtapes which he recorded himself and this is how KK first noticed him and decided to recruit him under his label. As a very young label, Bermuda music seeks to be a formidable group in the Namibian and regional Hip Hop market. The record label is driven by the notion that no achievement is inaccessible, and therefore, strives to bring the best talents and the best events to the people. The record label has already done quite a number of successful events in Namibia and has brought some high profile individuals to the stage. Its highlight so far is the Snap Backs and Tattoos show in 2014, which brought in the likes of South African stars K.O and Kid X. KK’s career has boomed over the last couple of years, having performed alongside many esteemed artists, both locally and internationally, such as Gazza, The Dogg,Cassper Nyovest, AKA, K.O, Trey Songz and others. KK says Bermuda music will do their part in bringing quality music, music videos and events, calling on all Namibian artists, musicians and labels to do the same. “Team work makes the dream work and there comes a time when we all must come together as one and rise up for one common goal. Our neighbours have proven to us that it can be done. Bermuda music are preparing to launch new music and kick-start this summer of madness and bliss with brand new music that will surely cater to most if not all,” KK maps the future. The new KK album is due to drop on November 26 alongside Ray & Kbrizzy’s debut or freshman album titled 48 Genius Summers. “With these two similar and also vast catalogues we hope to start that change in the Namibian music industry, especially for the Hip Hop community. We look forward to a beautiful festive season and an even better New Year and hope that you all join us and Rise Up for a better tomorrow, ”he exits.
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2016-11-18 12:24:40 2 years ago

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