• October 18th, 2018
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Bloody extraction...


Nurse Albert Kaputjaza draws blood from Standard Bank’s Johan Steinbach during the blood drive. The ever-charitable Standard Bank employees this week broke their own record during a blood donation drive at the bank’s head offices. The blood drive, which was held on Monday by the Namibian Blood Transfusion Service, saw over 52 employees at the Wellness and Medical Centre where they donated as many units as they possibly could. The drive had a target of 30 employees, however it surpassed it by a significant number. Standard Bank’s Credit Evaluation Manager and Wellness Champion, Anna Leng, said that the success of the drive was in part due to the fact that she decided to rally employees face to face as opposed to only relying on email communication. “I have been donating since 1981 … I have learned that if you do not engage people directly they are hesitant to participate. This is very important because there are a lot of road accidents and there is a shortage of blood so we all need to donate,” she said.
2016-11-18 10:39:10 1 years ago
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