• January 23rd, 2019
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Dice, Famaz Attak collabo on RHMAF anthem

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK Music brings people together, and at RHMAF, administered by Prosperity Health, decided to raise brand awareness and give back to its members by creating something that unifies it under the Orange umbrella: The very first RHMAF Anthem. A collaboration between Dice and local group Famaz Attak, two of Namibia’s pioneers in Hip Hop and Rock, was commissioned to write an RHMAF anthem, true to the brand and its members. A pool of various cultural groups supporting both the artist and band on its own, provided the opportunity to get the Namibian audience together in support and enjoyment of their favourite Hip Hop and Rock music selections. With the core message being ‘We Revolve Around You’, the anthem reinforces what Renaissance stands for, believe in, and how they feel about their dedicated and supportive members. The concept and marketing strategy was presented to Renaissance by Bläk Advertising, the RHMAF advertising and marketing agency. On November 11, the Anthem video and song was launched to the Board Of Trustees, RHMAF members and the media at the 2017 Product Guide Launch by the Renaissance principal officer, Sonja Malan. The 2017 Product changes and guidelines were presented by the Malan, CEO of Corporate Affairs , Callie Schäfer and CEO of the Prosperity Group Bertus Struwig. Production of the Anthem and music video was kept local with music production done by Hearti Music under the direction of Danny Azangi and Moses Domingo. The music video production was storyboarded and compiled by Director Inna Goroh with Bläk Advertising, and the shoot directed and shot by Inchiology Studios along with PageTen Productions. Various actors were used in the music video and a dance was created for the RHMA Anthem music video , creatively impersonating the new logo launched earlier this year, by Rain Dance Theatre under leadership of Tulimelila Shityuwete. RHMAF believes this Anthem will gain popularity on both local radio stations and national TV, and in true social media style, this encourages sharing and spreading of the song, as well as message on all forms of electronic communication, as a way to celebrate, sing along and spread the message wherever they go! To check out the video, follow them on Facebook: Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund.
New Era Reporter
2016-11-18 12:20:17 2 years ago

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