• January 23rd, 2019
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Industry Loop: December craze!

Time Out
Time Out

December is around the corner and like I said last week, entertainers are going to be in demand. This is peak season for entertainers. Peak season because everybody is getting partying. Everybody is readying to reflect on the year they had with a lekker cold one and braaivleis. Maybe even kapana and snoek. Who are the people that will make sure that you are entertained? Who will be playing the music? Who will be selling the music? Who will be creating the music? Who will be dancing for your pleasure? Who will be teaching a few dance moves to get you ready for December? Who will hosting your year-end functions, weddings and birthdays parties? Who will be on radio in Windhoek, keeping the flow while everybody has left for holidays? It will be the entertainers. Entertainers will be working around the clock this December to make sure that you are entertained, and satisfied with the quality of entertainment. I will keep writing about the importance of an entertainer until well…entertainers get the recognition and economical plough back they deserve. The only thing that we ask from you is respect. Respect the fact that all entertainers around the country are putting in extra hours in research to make sure that your party needs are met this December. Respect the fact that all entertainers around the country might not get the luxury of spending time with their family members as per the case with you. You are on holiday. Not an entertainer. Respect the fact that all entertainers around the country will be working incredible long hours under really crappy ass conditions because of bogus event’s organisers. Respect the fact that despite all of this labour, entertainers will put in this December, they will still be broke in January because of bogus event’s organisers who do not match the worth of an entertainer or simply just dodge the responsibility to settle the fee. I salute entertainers that are not from the capital, but will be in the capital the whole December to keep the programme going. There is nothing more depressing than being in Windhoek during the holidays. It will drive the ordinary mental. But entertainers are not ordinary people. They are extraordinary people who stand in front of thousands to make a fool of themselves for money. Them making a fool out of themselves…happen to be entertainment for the next. However I will never say an entertainer is forced or coerced into it. Never. Entertainers are driven by passion. A passion to create a moment for you. A moment that you will snap and share on social media. A moment that will have you reminiscing in January when you are back at the office. I will say it again, respect the entertainer this December and events organisers, and pay that entertainer their worth. Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Adora: Chocolate Flop of the week: Miles FT. Brave OB - Friday Its year-end function time! Book NSK to MC or provide sound for your company/organization/firm’s year-end function. Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)
New Era Reporter
2016-11-18 12:13:26 2 years ago

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