• January 20th, 2019
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SBS Namibia launches Facebook page

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Windhoek Southern Business School Namibia launched its official Facebook page last week. This will allow all those involved with SBS Namibia to engage with each other on this platform. The social media page of SBS Namibia on Facebook enhances interaction between the distance learning institute, students and other stakeholders.  It conveniently provides students and stakeholders with relevant and correct information about the Southern Business School Namibia as well as the courses on offer, current activities and major projects. This will be the place to find daily post, videos updates and responses to questions from and for all stakeholders. Relevant documents such as application forms, information sheets and course guidelines will be posted on the Facebook page notes section, making it easier for students to access documents if and when they need them. Southern Business School’s philosophy is to provide quality, affordable, recognised qualifications and satisfactory customer services at all times without geographical or physical space constraints. Now, more than ever education, interaction and learning can be furnished virtually. This is why  the Southern Business School  Namibia invites and  encourage students and all  stakeholders to  utilise this platform to  achieve purposeful learning  by  liking, commenting,  posting and sharing constructive  information in a spirit of learning. “As a distance education institution, we constantly strive and improve our offering and quality for our stakeholders as well as response times regarding queries. The Facebook page is perfectly and completely suited as an engagement platform,” says Southern Business School Namibia. “Students and stakeholders have a myriad of ways to engage with us, the lecturers, each other and others interested in education and personal development. With the launch of this FB page we make it even easier for them to interact across these groups. The feeling of community amongst SBS Namibia students is very strong and as we know, Facebook will only strengthen it further. So, come join, like, share or comment on our page and keep our SBS Namibia growing, interacting and thriving,” said Albin Jacobs, director of SBS Namibia.
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