• January 20th, 2019
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Contractors unhappy with housing clients

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Omuthiya Building contractors here say some of their clients in the housing industry are not benefiting fully from the Shack Dwellers Federation (SDF) housing scheme and are derailing the speedy completion of projects, as they do not have sufficient materials for construction to commence. The contractors say in some instances their clients become entangled in financial difficulties halfway through the house building project and are unable to secure building materials to keep construction going, thus delaying the whole project. This was one of the issues pointed out by entrepreneur Vilho Mushelenga of Onkoshi ya Gondga Construction, who is contracted by to build 18 units of low to medium income houses in Omuthiya. The houses are 80 percent complete with only the electrification, painting, water and sewerage connection remaining. Homeowners themselves are supposed to provide all the building materials for the house, while contractor only builds. “We’re progressing well since we started in April, but the challenge is only that some homeowners lack funds and are unable to provide all the needed material… This delays us, as we have to wait until the material is procured,” said Mushelenga, while giving assurances that the units will be complete by December, despite all the hurdles. The units consist of one-roomed and two-bedroom houses, valued at N$85 000 and N$120 000, respectively. Mushelenga has seven employees, including an electrician, plumber and builders, which offers him an advantage, he says, as he does not have to outsource.
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2016-11-22 10:46:06 2 years ago

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