• January 16th, 2019
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Mukapuli re-elected as mayor


Lüderitz Hilaria Mukapuli of Swapo Party was on Tuesday sworn in after she was re-elected as the mayor of Lüderitz where she will also serve as chairperson of the Lüderitz Town Council, while Brigitte Frederick also of Swapo Party was re-elected to serve as deputy mayor. Frederick will serve as the deputy chairperson of council. Magistrate Murray Shikongo announced the re-appointment of Mukapuli and Frederick during the swearing in of council members at town council chambers on Tuesday. Mukapuli was first elected as mayor in 2015, succeeding Suzan Ndjaleka. Councillor Calvin Mwiya of Swapo was re-elected as chairperson of the management committee, while Shilopa Shihepo of Swapo and Johannes Abraham, also of Swapo, were elected as members of the management committee. Willem Gumede of Swapo and Elizabeth Wilskut of DTA were elected as ordinary members of council. Mukapuli emphasised there is a lot of work that still needs to be done, and that which they managed to do in the period of one year they can still improve on. She said in terms of challenges the current financial year has perhaps proved to be one of the most difficult that the country has ever experienced since independence. With the central government being forced to impose measures to decrease spending across the board, the town council was also not spared the austerity measures. “As a result, we have been placed in a difficult position where we were required to go back to the drawing board and to rethink and pause on some of the capital projects that were planned,” said Mukapuli.
New Era Reporter
2016-11-24 10:32:11 2 years ago

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