• January 23rd, 2019
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Mwahulikange murder case not yet resolved

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Windhoek Conflicting statements from State witnesses and the seven men accused of killing Paulus Mwahulikange, who are shifting blame between themselves over who caused his death, have raised more questions than answers. Mwahulikange was reportedly murdered on the night of October 30, 2009 by what was a gang of teenagers at the time. It is alleged the seven assaulted their victim before fatally stabbing him with a knife, but it remains as yet unclear what exactly transpired on that fateful night and who specifically was responsible of the fatal stabbing. According to eyewitnesses (known to New Era) the accused group was standing in the street close to a liquor store by the name Leka-Lek in Katutura, Windhoek. An argument that led to the fight reportedly erupted between the deceased and one of the accused. It is unclear what caused the argument. In a sketchy description of what transpired on that night eyewitness explained that after the deceased was pushed around he grabbed a stone and threw it in the direction of the accused. The stone allegedly hit one of the accused in the stomach. This apparently angered the accused, who charged at Mwahulikange with sticks.Eyewitness saw the accused batter the deceased continuously with a stick. Mwahulikange was then stabbed on his head, neck and chest. Eyewitness said after Mwahulikange succumbed to his injuries the accused ran away, leaving his victim in the street. Although there were people in the street onlookers did not intervene, as they were apparently afraid the accused would hurt them as well. Clerence Garoeb, Harodt Skrywer, Reinhardt Nababeb, Benson George, Magnus Eiseb, Steven Hoebeb and Jonathan Doeseb have all pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder. According to the police case file, the seven accused intentionally acted with common purpose to end Mwahulikange’s life on that fateful night six years ago. One eyewitness told the court the deceased wanted to flee the scene, but was surrounded by his alleged attackers. The accused Garoeb, Skrywer, Nababeb, George, Eiseb, Hoebeb and Doeseb are all said to have taken part in the murder on October 30, 2009. All seven accused men appeared before Magistrate Jacobs Sarel Lourinda in Katutura Regional Court on a charge of murder on Tuesday. Magistrate Lourinda postponed their case to July 3, 2017 and released them on a warning. They have to report to the police at given times as a mandatory condition for their release on bail.
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2016-11-24 10:26:21 2 years ago

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