• January 20th, 2019
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Lize changes lanes

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Pop songstress and award winning female singer, Lize Ehlers, has changed lanes with her new and fourth album titled, Heal, launched at her home in Eros this week. “For the first time I am doing house music. So it is fresh and new for me. I also revisited my Hip-Hop root and other genres” says Lize. Her new album is a mixture of House, Hip-Hop, Reggae Pop and many other genres. She says she titled her album Heal because this was a tough, emotional and physical year for her. “I took a stand against the various wounds and healed through my music, that is why I had to title it Heal,” she explains. Writing of the album’s songs has been coming long, since the release of her last album, Change, in 2014, but she first had to focus on mentoring and assisting her two Song Night Ambassadors, Priscilla, The Dessert Queen, and Bradley Anthony who also released their new album this year. “I decided in September it is now or never and contacted one of my long time producers, DJ Chronic, and we started communicating about the production of Heal. The final recordings and editing all took place end October and beginning Nov,” she says. She describes DJ Chronic as a very respectful producer being an honour for her to work with him. “He allowed me to dig deep into the production and to pay attention to details,” Lize explains. She says the 10-track album is her tradition and the legacy she want to leave behind one day. Some of the songs that one can look forward to on the album are Soul Style and This Too Shall Pass. Both songs are about being a light and going the extra mile. “It is about self acceptance and acceptance if your season,” says Lize. Lyrics on the song This Too Shall Pass go like “This too shall pass, there’s no greener grass. Your life is right here in the palm of your heart.” Lize has also collaborated with Bradley Anthony on a song ‘Together’ that talks about lifting and supporting each other in this life. “Even if it is mostly danceable music, I am still true to my ‘message music’ brand,” she signs off.  
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2016-11-25 12:26:21 2 years ago

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