• January 23rd, 2019
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The wait is over as Gazza announces album release

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek “The wait is over, who’s got my back?” reads a post by one the most celebrated local musicians, Lazarus “Gazza” Shiimi. Gazza last week announced the date for the release of his 11th album. Gazza who has put Namibian music on an international level over the past years by featuring and performing alongside big guns internationally, is set to release his much anticipated 25-track album on December 3, at the University of Namibia (Unam) stadium. He describes this as his biggest project so far featuring international renowned artists such as Davido, X-Trio, Revolution, Uhuru, Nyanda from Brick and Lace. Locally he has Lady May, Tequila, Suzy Eises, Maria Nepembe, Betty David, Lazarus Kaumbi, and many more. The album is titled Pumumu, and according to Gazza, the album has been produced with the penetration of the African market in mind. “To title that name it means the danger is penetrating the African market. This is not for Namibia any more but we are moving forward,” says Gazza. He adds that the album is being distributed by the Universal Music Group, a deal that he signed end of last year. This means his songs will be distributed and made available to all purchasers and sellers of the mother company, making their music available in outlets such as Musica, Music Moods and all digital platforms affiliated with the Universal Music Group. On this album, one can look forward to songs which Gazza have worked with the Jamaican-born Nyanda Janelle Thorbourne of Brick and Lace fame, on his single Up up away. Other songs include his new single release, Get it on tonight, featuring saxophonist, Suzy Eises. “This is an album whereby I am expressing myself freely. I did not limit my creativity this time around as I did on the previous albums,” says Gazza, adding that he has decided to do want he wants and to sing the way he wants. He says he cannot reveal the genres of the songs now as he will live that as surprises to his followers. “All I am asking is for people to buy original, to support local and not to copy the songs,” pleads Gazza. Gazza who is ready to unveil his 11th album titled Pumumu on December 3.
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2016-11-25 12:21:47 2 years ago

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