• January 20th, 2019
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Transformer failure leaves Omuthiya in darkness

Omuthiya A transformer that broke down in the early morning hours of Saturday left the town of Omuthiya without power for the entire day almost encroaching into the early hours of Sunday, a situation, which was agitated local residents who said their frozen food went off in the process. The power went off at around 03h00 on Saturday and was only reconnected at 21h40. Northern Electricity Distribution (Nored)’s public relations officer Herman Ngasia said it was beyond control as it happened unexpectedly and they had to replace the broken supply transformer with a new one, while residents were left in darkness. “It was a broken transformer that caused the blackout and it had to be replaced, we didn’t expect it, but it happened. Nored cannot intentionally cut off power,” stated Ngasia. Businesses New Era visited yesterday said much of their food stocks were ruined, especially perishable goods from the preceding day. Some entrepreneurs said their sales dropped, as customers were unwilling to purchase cold food and warm drinks. “We will just have to dispose of the food, because it’s no more fit for consuming,” said a distressed local businessman, who preferred to remain anonymous. Ngasia said those whose food was spoiled during the blackout should inform Nored officials, who would then visit their place of business to conduct inspections and ascertain the damage and value of the spoiled products.
New Era Reporter
2016-11-28 10:10:24 2 years ago

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