• December 17th, 2018
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Ovambanderu war history distorted – Nguvauva


Windhoek The Ovambanderu war history has always been distorted deliberately to suit the selfish interests of those who were supported by the colonial systems that owned both the resources and influence to write and spread untruths. This was said by Ovambanderu Chief Kilus Munjuku III Nguvauva while speaking at Otjunda (farm Sturmfeld), Okorukambe Constituency in the Omaheke Region during the German Special Envoy on Genocide, Ruprecht Polenz’s visit to the farm. Otjunda was the first battleground, which was the precursor for the other numerous battles that ensued after May 6, 1896. “It is a pity that our children and future generations continue to be misled and fed with this distorted history,” said Nguvauva who gave lengthy lectures to the visiting German delegation that included German Ambassador Christian Schlaga. Furthermore, Nguvauva appealed to the German government to consider providing the Ovambanderu community with archaeologists and scientists to help identify possible grave sites around Otjunda. He also pleaded with the German government to assist the community with the erection of a statue of remembrance for the fallen Ovambanderu heroes and heroines. Nguvauva further pleaded with the Otjunda farm owner to avail a small piece of land to the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority as a donation or for sale where the community can assemble their statues for commemoration purposes. Additionally, he said the German government could similarly be accommodative in securing the community with one hectare for commemoration purposes. Nguvauva also called on fellow traditional leaders representing the descendants of victims of genocide who are still on the “other side of the fence” to accept the clarion call of the Namibian government to join the negotiation process currently underway. “It was us, the leaders of the descendants of the victims of genocide who approached government to join and assist us in engaging the German government to agree and come to the negotiating table,” he said, adding that now that the government agreed and the German government agreed as well, “we are questioning how our government came to meddle in our affairs”. “Are we being fair to ourselves and the people we are supposed to serve?” he asked. The Battle of Otjunda took place on May 6, 1896 at which Kahimemua Haikungairi Nguvauva was injured. Martyrs include Kahimemua and Nicodemus Kavikunua. Kahimemua led his Ovambanderu community in resistance against German colonial occupation in battles at Gobabis, Namdas and Otjunda in the Omaheke Region in the 1890s. It was at Otjunda in 1896 when the decisive battle took place, which also led to the defeat of these gallant fighters. Kahimemua was captured and tortured at Kalkfontein and taken by the German forces as a prisoner to Okahandja, where he and Kavikunua were executed by a German firing squad on June 12, 1896.
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