• November 19th, 2018
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Haseb must first account before he goes - Matheus

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Windhoek From taps running dry at the office of the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) due to nonpayment of utility bills to unflattering reports about the NSC’s untraceable pension fund contributions - the man answerable for finances at the NSC Walter Haseb has finally jumped ship. Haseb, who is the Head of Finance and Administration at the NSC, tendered his resignation on Monday and cited personal issues for his seemingly fleet-footed decision. As per his contract and NSC laws, he is now serving his last 30-days of notice before he part ways with the NSC. But it appears that Haseb won’t have an easy exit perhaps as anticipated as the chairperson of the NSC, Joel Matheus made it categorically clear that Haseb will first have to answer and account for some “certain serious things” before he goes. “I can confirm that Haseb tendered his resignation on Monday but he did not provide any clear reasons for his decision...but we however respect his decision. But before he goes, he still has a lot of things to account for there at the office and he must and will have to first provide answers to certain things. It is still too early to make a raft of comments on the issue but I will keep the public inform as days go on,” said Matheus who refused to disclose what those “certain things” are that Haseb has to answer to. But according to impeccable sources privy to the matter, finances at the Commission are allegedly in serious shambles and almost nothing can be accounted for at the office of the country’s sports presiding authority as many supporting documents are nowhere to be found - in fact it has been the case for a while now. “For some time now, especially from last year, the NSC finances have been a mess and many foreign and local trips that were undertaken by certain members of the commission cannot be explained while some massive amounts of money that was channeled from the line ministry to the NSC cannot also be accounted for....and mind you, we are speaking of a few millions here my brother,” said one source. Another source who is close to the NSC board added that; “Look, it’s nothing personal but from what I have heard at various meetings, I seriously think Haseb has a lot of things to answer to especially regarding the commission’s finances. But personally, I also think it’s just not Haseb who needs to come forth and answer because most of these irregularities happened in collaboration and under the watch of certain individuals who were heading the NSC as acting chief administrators at some point” “I have resigned from the sports commission for personal reasons. I am busy discussing the way forward with the acting chief administrator,” said Haseb as quoted by Nampa yesterday. Haseb, who was until recently the acting chief administrator of the NSC, was redeployed back to his initial position of Head of Finance and Administration after publicly calling for the heads of his bosses (commissioners) to roll, citing interference in the daily operations of the NSC by the commissioners. Haseb has been working at the NSC since 2007 and has held various positions including cameo roles as acting chief administrator on several occasions.
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