• November 19th, 2018
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Murderer jailed after 14-year trial

Windhoek After fourteen years of countless investigations, cross-examination of state witnesses and numerous postponements, Alexander Daniel van Schalkwyk was on Tuesday found guilty and sent to jail for 16 years for the murder on December 31, 2002 of Quinton Isaack. Thirty-nine-year-old Van Schalkwyk was sentenced to sixteen years behind bars for murder with direct intent. Isaack died from excessive bleeding due to multiple stab wounds inflicted on him by Van Schalkwyk fourteen years ago. While passing judgment, magistrate Jacobs Sarel Egmond said based on the evidence and witnesses who took the stand, the accused did not attack the deceased in self-defence. According to eyewitnesses who were present on the day of the incident, Van Schalkwyk and his companions were hanging out at a local drinking pub in Khomasdal, Windhoek. The victim entered the pub and had a frank conversation with Van Schalkwyk on two occasions while the latter was busy at the pool table inside the pub. Witnesses further explained the two exchanged a few words and the victim went outside and called Van Schalkwyk. While the two were outside an argument erupted which led to Van Schalkwyk drawing a knife and stabbing the victim in the shoulder and chest. The victim ran to a friend’s house which is close to the pub, and tried to stop the bleeding with a towel. What prompted the argument was an issue over some money that the deceased inquired about before he got stabbed. According to the police docket, upon his arrest Van Schalkwyk appeared normal, his clothing had no trace of blood and he was not even intoxicated. Van Schalkwyk who was being represented by attorney Garth Joseph, was ordered to start his sixteen-year-sentence on Tuesday. During the lengthy trial the state was represented by Lourinda Seredine Jacobs.
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