• January 24th, 2019
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Angry Walvis residents want mayor out


Walvis Bay A group of irate Walvis Bay residents that are accusing Walvis Bay’s local authority councillors of engaging in corrupt and self-enrichment practices on Wednesday demanded the removal of the mayor and all town councillors. The group made its demands in a petition for the immediate removal of Walvis Bay Mayor Wilfred Immanuel and his councillors. The protesters accused the councillors of dereliction of duty, saying they do not host community meetings and that Kuisebmond has become a dumping site, whilst many jobless and schoolgoing youth are roaming the streets due to a lack of recreational facilities. They also accuse the municipality of not fulfiling its mandate, stating that public toilet facilities and water points are non-existent in Walvis Bay, especially in the crowded suburbs of Kuisebmond and Tutaleni. The group, lead by community activist Kenneth Iilonga, on Wednesday handed over their petition to the municipality with the list of demands, which include the removal of Councillor Paulus Kauohdomwa from office. The residents say they are tired of corruption allegedly being practiced by some councillors, whom they also accused of giving themselves land through proxies. “We specifically want councillors [Wilfred] Immanuel and [Paulus] Kauhodamwa to be removed with immediate effect. “They have lost focus and only concentrate on self-enrichment and greed,” said Iilonga, on behalf of the petitioning residents. Iilonga alleged that the new councillors are apparently boasting about town that they are now well connected and can allocate land to each other and to their cronies. “They are also the ones who influence the tender board decisions on face-value due to their personal connections. Applications by ordinary community members do not even get considered,” Iilonga charged. “We want the municipality to serve the people and the purpose they were elected for. We’re tired of being ignored, while we are the ones who elected them into power. We want land, but up to now none of us have received any. We want the government and the Swapo Party to hear our pleas,” Iilonga said. Walvis Bay municipal public relations manager Kevin Adams received the petition and said he would forward it to the CEO of Walvis Bay Municipality, Murongo Haingura.
New Era Reporter
2016-12-02 10:14:43 2 years ago

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