• January 23rd, 2019
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Dj Siya unveils second album

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Well known Zambezian house singer, Alexander Siyaya Sikalumbu, popularly known as Dj Siya, has released his much anticipated second album, Uwe. The album is a mixture of traditional and commercial house tunes and consists of 14 tracks. Uwe means “You”. “Listening to the album itself, one can hear that the song talks about life in general. It also advising ‘us’ to go back to how we were raised,” says Dj Siya. The album has been produced by Glo of Glo Production and Petersen Zagaze. Dj Siya says it took him a long time to release his second offering as he needed enough time for his first album, Malengaula, released in 2014, to shine since it was enjoying massive airplays both on local radio stations and the social media. The music video of the song Uwe, featuring Shanky Briz from Botswana is already pumping the airwaves. On the album are songs that can get listeners to their feet such as Katima Mulilo, a party song that can put one into a dancing frenzy. Another one, Kozo, a gospel song featuring Simon Masene, speaks about peace among Namibia people. “This album is different from my previous one as in this one I put more effort, especially in combining house songs. I am also targeting all groups, form young to old when it comes to listening,” says Dj Siya. Dj Siya was born in the Ngoma area in Katima Mulilo. He is currently a camera operator with the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). He studied Media Studies (Television) at the College of the Arts (COTA) and is pursuing a degree in Mass Communication at the University of Tanzania. He says he dedicated his album to his late sister Alderia Mutonga.  
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2016-12-02 12:24:22 2 years ago

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