• January 23rd, 2019
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Eenhana to undergo major facelift


Eenhana Eenhana Town Council is looking into ways to strengthen its economy and provide a more aesthetic appeal to the town by rehabilitating the earth dams and building luxurious infrastructure alongside the earth dams at the town. CEO of Eenhana Walde Ndevashiya says the rehabilitation of the earth dams has potential to boost economic development and to attract tourism at the town. Ndevashiya said a massive revamp is planned for the earth dams with a long-term aim to lure investors to the town. “The rain water from the town is channelled to these earth dams, so we want to ensure in the future the water is retained in the earth dams and infrastructures built alongside the area,” said Ndevashiya. According to the CEO, the area will be reserved for luxury infrastructure, such as a recreational area, a cinema, a gym, hotels and a theme park, among others. A plan from urban planner Bob Mould Architects is already in place, so that the envisioned project could come to fruition. Ndevashiya said the documentation and detailed plan is expected to be in place by next year and council will then market the idea to potential businesspeople. In the meantime, the council is in the process of finalising the storm water channels at the town. “We have noted with grave concern that some of our residents are flooded when it rains, so we are finalising the storm channels to ensure all the water is channelled to the earth dams,” Ndevashiya said. Ndevashiya said studies will be done to determine to what depth the earth dams should be deepened and the council will ensure there is no overflow of water into the nearby infrastructure.
New Era Reporter
2016-12-02 10:02:12 2 years ago

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