• January 20th, 2019
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Shimbulu ousted ‘for tolerance towards DTA’


Oshakati DTA regional coordinator and local councillor at Oshakati Town Council Linus Tobias claims Katrina Shimbulu was ousted as mayor of Oshakati because of her tolerant attitude towards the DTA. Angelius Iyambo yesterday succeeded Shimbulu as mayor, but Tobias suspects the new mayor may attempt to sideline and possibly even discriminate against him and the DTA once he takes over. Speaking to the media shortly after the swearing-in of new councillors here on Thursday, Tobias said some councillors were unhappy that the former mayor accorded him an opportunity to deliver a vote of thanks at community meetings. He further related that some councillors are also unhappy that the Shimbulu was in favour of suggestions and contributions from the opposition during council meetings, something he believes led to her ousting. “I understand there is a letter written to the Swapo Party complaining of the support that I received from the former mayor. I do not see how that is an issue, because I serve a nation and not a political party,” said Tobias. The DTA’s regional leaders also expressed disappointment that fellow councillors used council chambers, claiming they had a council meeting there, when they had in fact used the chambers to caucus on who to elect during the just-ended elections. Chairperson of the management committee at Oshakati Town Council Gabriel Kamwanka vehemently denied the allegations. “It is not true and I have not heard about it,” said Kamwanka when asked about the allegations and letter written to Swapo. Following the elections here on Thursday, Ndamonghenda Amunyela retained her position as deputy mayor. Gabriel Kamwanka also retained his position as chairperson of the management committee. Johannes Shilongo also remains a member of the management committee. Loise Shivolo was elevated from an ordinary council member to a member of the management member, while former mayor Katrina Shimbulu was demoted to an ordinary council member. DTA member Linus Tobias also remains an ordinary member and pledged to work with the new leadership if they are willing to be tolerant towards him and forthcoming.
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