• January 24th, 2019
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Councillors should refocus – Tsumeb mayor


Tsumeb Local authority councillors have vowed to strengthen their efforts to accomplish their set objectives and modify their methodologies when handling issues of national development and setbacks limiting the growth of their town’s economy. Advice was given that it is not wise to undertake capital projects where in essence none are being implemented and that rather the focus should be channelled towards projects that have the greatest impacts and which could be delivered within a short period of time. The mayor of Tsumeb, Veueza Kasiringua, when she was sworn in for a second term, stressed that as government’s dwindling financial resources are a reality the councillors needed to find innovative ways to fund all their developmental needs going forward. All local authority councillors in Oshikoto retained their positions and no changes were made. “The ongoing public-private partnerships are encouraging but we need to focus on projects that are feasible and implementable. Things should be done differently this time especially with the increasing challenges of providing timely and effective services to our customers and the entire town,” stressed Kasiringua while directing fellow councillors to upscale their efforts. “We need to ask ourselves whether the methods we are using are still relevant to the present Tsumeb, thus we need to evaluate our attitudes towards our work and in the same vein ask ourselves whether we are doing what the community really wants,” she stated. Kasiringua also noted that new challenges require new thinking. The drive for economic development and land delivery was indicated by councillors as topping their agendas including the luring of investors to their town through the provision of affordable housing. Meanwhile the mayor of Omuthiya, Toivo Nghilalulwa, says Omuthiya is one of the fast growing emerging towns in terms of size and economy, thus they aim to harness the development drive through implementing the Local Economic Development Strategy in which the council is going to attract investors in tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, manufacturing, retail and construction. Cuncillors were sworn in by Tsumeb magistrate David Munsu. The Tsumeb Municipal Council consists of Kasiringua as mayor, deputised by Mathews Hangula; and Danki Sheetekela as chairperson of the management committee, Inge David, Martias Sipunga, Tike Venani and Peter Shaanika as ordinary members. While councillors for Omuthiya are Nghilalulwa as mayor, deputised by Katrina Uusiku, Beata Nashongo as chairperson of the management committee, Heskiel Nanyeni, Josef Kakungha, Susan Uukongo and Enos Shipahu.
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2016-12-06 10:52:34 2 years ago

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